FCKS-Corsage for kittens & puppies

Developed by cat breeder Anita Hübner

Information & Ordering

Hello, my name is Anita Hübner


As a cat breeder, it is important to me that my animals are healthy and that they receive the best possible care.


For many years, I've seen little kittens die because of a congenital malformation of their ribcage. Luckily I can help them now!


The "FCK Flat Korsett" I developed has already saved the lives of many kitties and is just as much appreciated by veterinary clinics as by cat and dog friends.

The Corsage...

  • lies pleasantly on the body
  • does not slip when worn
  • enables the kitten / puppy to moove freely
  • if used from early stage the chest can develop normally

Kitten with FCK Flat Corsage 01
The corsage was fitted eleven days after birth. It should be slightly extended (Velcro) every 4 - 6 days.
Kitten with FCK Flat Corsage 02
At 3 weeks
Kitten with FCK Flat Corsage 03
After 3 - 4 weeks a check-up should be conducted by the vet. Normally, the corsage can then be removed.

Important Note

The corsage is no longer effective at an advanced stage of FCK syndrome. Please discuss with your veterinarian whether the corset is suitable for your pet!

Ordering a "FCK Flat Korsett"


The corsage is made by hand, which can lead to delivery bottlenecks.

I ask for your understanding that the goods will be shipped only after receipt of payment.

Detailed instructions are included in the package.

Price per Corsage

Shipping within Germany:

KITTEN: 25.55 Euro incl. 2.60 Euro shipping costs

PUPPIES: 27.55 Euro incl. 2.60 Euro shipping costs 

Shipping to other countries:

KITTEN: 22.95 Euro plus shipping costs

PUPPIES: 24.95 Euro plus shipping costs

Quantity discount on request.

Payment options

PayPal or Bank transfer

Bank: Volksbank Rüsselsheim 

Account owner: Gerhard und Anita Hübner  

IBAN: DE 76 5009 3000 0007 4665 01


Message: FCK Flat Korsett


Individual corsages with shipping within Germany can be ordered using the button "Jetzt kaufen" (Buy now) below.

For all other orders, please send me an email.

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